AVSEC stands for Aviation Security, and is related to the civil aviation security against all illegal interference actions.
Within this definition, it is convenient to clarify the scope of the following concepts:

  • Civil Aviation, , which includes not only aircrafts, but also all agents involved in the civil air transport: passengers, crews, airports, etc.
  • Illegal interference actions, which make reference to any act or intention of endangering the Civil Aviation and air transport security. Some examples are considered herewith:
    • Illegal aircraft appropiation, either in air or ground.
    • Hostages kidnapp in airports or at aircrafts.
    • Sabotages and outrages against airport or air navigation installations.
    • Use of an aircraft being it in service with the purpose of causing death or critical damages.
    • Force trespassing in an aircraft, airport or in the facilities of an aeronautical installation.
    • Introduce in an aircraft hazardous substances and devices with criminal purposes.
    • Divulgation of false information which may compromise the Civil Aviation security.

AVSEC in Spain

Under spanish national domain, the Civil Aviation Security National Program (PNS) has the aim to set the needed organization, methods and procedures in order to ensure the protection and safety of:

  • Passengers
  • Crews
  • General public
  • Ground staff
  • Aircrafts
  • Airports and their facilities

against illegal interference actions, either taking place in ground or air, keeping national and international air transit’s stability and efficience within the spanish State and its air space.

In order to achieve so, the following application fields are established:

  • Security in airports
  • Aircrafts security
  • Passengers and hand luggage
  • Stored luggage
  • Stored luggage
  • Post and air companies material
  • On board supplies
  • Airport supplies
  • Security actions during the flight
  • Security training
  • Indications related to security equipment

The Aviation Security Awareness Course Awareness is introduced as one of the multiple training activities requested by the Civil Aviation Security National Program (PNS) in order to protect the civil aviation’s security against illegal interference actions.