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Aviation Security. It is the group of regulations, methods and procedures with preventive nature, with the aim of protecting the passengers, crew members, ground staff, users, national and international aircrafts exploiters operations, aircrafts, aeronautical installations, air navigation services and airport and administrative installations that may compete against illegal interference acts; as well as additional actions needed to counter a threat enhancement.
This course has the objective of awaring all staff of any company working in an airport environment that must access to restricted areas to perform their tasks, in order to ensure security and colaborate with the responsible organisms. This course is mandatory to be performed and, once passed the exam, the corresponding certificate will be obtained by the entitled person. Without this certificate will not be possible to manage an airport credential.
AVSEC Certificate accredits to the entitled person having realized the Aviation Security Awareness Course. It is needed to be presented, among with the rest of questionnaires and requested documentation, in the airport security offices in order to manage the credentials of any employee that must access to restricted areas to perform his/her tasks.
AVSEC Certificate has a validity of 5 years since its expedition date. It is personal and therefore belongs to its entitled person, who may be able to make copies of it and provide it to the companies which may request it in order to manage his/her airport credentials. Once validity expires the certificate shall be renovated by taking a new course up-to-date.
The processes for obtaining security credentials may vary in each airport and are independent from AVSEC Certification. Companies which must accredit their employees for being able to work in an airport will have to present the documentation requested by the corresponding airport security office, which invariably will include the AVSEC certificate of each employee who may have to access to restricted areas. This certificate can be already in the employee’s hand (if he/she made the course and got certified before 5 years ago), cannot or can be expired, so the Aviation Security Awareness Course must be arranged in order to certify him/her.
In our website you will be able to subscribe online to the Aviation Security Awareness Course in an easy way, only by accessing to the course and following the steps detailed in the subscription questionnaire. The fact of subscribing to a course will identify you as a client, physical or legal entity which purchases the completion of the course and the corresponding certificate by proceeding with the tariff payment. You can subscribe to as many courses and certificates as you may need. Therefore, the client profile does not need to be matching with the student, unless the client is the entitled person of one of the purchased certificates. This way, the Human Resources manager or the Risk Prevention responsible of a company will be able to arrange for the online course for any employee requested, who will be the course students and, at the end, will obtain the AVSEC certificate on behalf of their name.
Once obtaining the course access code as a student, there is unlimited time for studying the course syllabus and make the consequent exam. The Aviation Security Awareness Course duration is estimated to be of 4 hours, depending on each student’s speed and previous knowledge of the airport environment. The exam is estimated to last between 15 and 25 minutes, in test format.
The client which subscribes to the Aviation Security Awareness Course receives the client profile access codes (user-password) and the access codes (user-password) for the corresponding students he/she included in the subscription. The client will be responsible for providing to each student his/her user and password to access to the online course. The students will enter their user and password to access to their account, where will find the course syllabus and the exam access. The syllabus can be accessed at anytime, always if the exam access option has not been selected yet. Once the student enters in the exam questions, the syllabus will become unaccessible. The exam access is only available once per each student account, so it will not be possible to enter more than once in the exam per course purchased.
The tariffs for the online courses subscriptions are available in our website, by selecting the desired course, in the section named TARIFFS AND PRICES. Clients will be able to compare the different tariffs depending on the number of students and other parameters, such as scope of contents or number of accesses to exams.
The Aviation Security Awareness Course is evaluated by the fulfillment of an exam with the following characteristics:
  • Test compounded by 16 questions
  • Each questions has 4 possible answers
  • Only one answer will be correct for each question
  • Wrong answers and questions left in blank do not quit points
Once finished the exam, the final result achieved is received automatically. In order to pass the exam it will be needed to answer correctly 10 questions (6 points out of 10).
Once finished the exam, if the final result obtained is less than the minimum requested (6 points out of 10), the student will be considered as NOT VALID and, therefore, the AVSEC certificate will not be emitted. The user will have carried out the online course, so if a new exam access or a new full course wants to be arranged, it will have to be purchased following the corresponding procedure.
AVSEC Certificate will be emitted automatically for the student considered as VALID after accomplishing the online test of the Aviation Security Awareness Course Awareness. The certificate will consist of a downloadable PDF file for the student and for the client who purchased the course.
In case of having accessed to the online test of the course and having interrupted the session without finishing it in a non-intended way, you can put in contact with us in order to manage the incidence. In case of having switched off the session voluntarily by selecting the option “close session” during the test, it will be considered that the student has left the unanswered questions in blank on purpose and therefore the test will be evaluated as it is, without considering it as an incidence in any case.

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